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The Life Changing Power of Resilience

PTSD affects an estimated 13 million people in the United States of America.  There are roughly 500,000 trained service dogs in America, helping people live better quality lives. We specialize in training handlers to learn to guide their dog into becoming a much more relaxed, emotionally stable, and skillful companion's that support and enhance their independence and well-being not just perform tricks. 

What we know...

“Assistance dogs improve the lives of countless thousands of veterans around the world by helping with practical tasks, enhancing independence, and boosting wellbeing, dignity and confidence,” said Chris Diefenthaler, Executive Director of Assistance Dogs International (ADI). “These studies indicate that properly trained assistance dogs are both life-saving and life-changing for veterans suffering from PTSD. They are proof that assistance dogs have a major role to play in the treatment, rehabilitation and support of military veterans with severe combat trauma.” 

It's true that not all dogs are cut out to be a service animal.  

Even so, any dog and their owner can learn this newfound optimism and connect in a meaningful way.


We use ethical training and positive rewards to help a dog build resilience with environmental stressors and help sufferers to live better quality lives


Join us and discover a whole new world with our furry friends.

training a pet to become a service dog allowed me relief from the relenting fear and hypervigilence of PTSD. In the process I gained a much better relationship with my dog that allowed for an impeccable bond, resilience, mental wellness, and a more joyful life that anyone may find valuable. Which is why there are many misconceptions of what a service does and how to train it. Our programs rebuild resilience. 

Canine Assistance Foundation, is our 501(c)(3) organization serving others suffering Post Traumatic Stress to gain resilience and have a better quality of life. Here, you will find support, resources, and information on how to help yourself or a loved one with mental conditions.  

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Are You Ready To Get Back Fulfillmentand Independence in Your Life?

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