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Your dog becoming an absolute

joy to be around, and coming when called

Board and train at a trainer's

home to jumpstart or polish up challenging unwanted behavior

Reduced waiting time for

Service Dogs from years to


Public awareness and

understanding to the

importance of PTSD Service


Dogs that walk beside you with a loose leash instead of pulling

Outcomes being a higher level

result so that your dog is more reliable with cues or commands

Lowered cost of a Service Dog from $35,000 the National average to less than $3500

Acu-patching  X-39, Carnosine, & AcuLife available for both dogs and their people, longevity foods education give us a Call to learn more.

Train an

Intelligent Dog

& live a better quality life

puerto rico service dog laws


Choose your preferred training option
Service Dog Training Purto Rico

Get Back Fulfillment and Independence in Your Life

Our clients come from all walks of life. We work with individuals, from veterans to high risk youth, and even parents of children with special needs. We believe anyone who would benefit from a trained service dog should be able to train one. 

No matter your dog's challenges, we help them become a loving, happy, and obedient part of the family. Instead of countless classes and expense, just train the right way the first time and  re-enforce on location in the groups, together with free advice for as long as you need after each session. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by partnering with our experience.


We are not just changing dogs, we change the perception of the dog and we take the time to educate their families how to understand their dogs. The result is the dog building resilience with everyday distractions and challenges.  Such as cars driving by, smells, fireworks,  the mailman, other animals.  We start with six (6) things to reward and we train in free behavior.  This goes far beyond basic obedience and is highly valued for getting a pup to behave as well as a service dog.  

Yes, your pup is ready for these advance skills at any age or any stage.

  • Build an instant connection of trust and respect - so you can have the well behaved dog of your dreams or train a service dog.

  • Make behavior problems disappear not by force, instead naturally -so the dog would obey you through the connection built in training instead of by fear and intimidation. 


  • You will enhance your communicating abilities and enjoy a stress free home environment with your dog.


  • This is an evidence based approach to teaching proper manners and impulse control - no need for complicated methods or harsh treatments.

Looking to build resilience in your canine companion or for someone you love? Look no further. Our commitment to personalized training means your dog will receive the specific attention they need to succeed. And don't just take our word for it - check out what our happy clients have to say about their experience with us!

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