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Service Dog or Reactive Dog Clients

Thanks in advance for completing a self assessment of your dog. The first step in your training journey is a dog behavioral evaluation below. Upon submission you will be automatically directed to the CAPR calendar to schedule a consultation appointment.  Consults take place over the phone. A behavioral evaluation is part of the process and is required for all Service Dog Candidates. Get Started below!  IMPORTANT: This part of the process is free and without obligation.

Schedule Your Dog Control Evaluation:

What is your living situaton?
Does the dog(s) attend daycare or boarding at a facility?
Reproducton Status?
Dog #2 Reproduction status?
Dog #3 Reproductive status?
Dog #4 Reproductive status?
Dog #5 Reproductive status?
Dog #6 Reproductive Status?
Are any of the dogs able to do a 2 minute stay with a handler holding the leash?
While meeting a friendly stranger who has a dog, are you able to maintain control without the dog being aggressive or over stimulated?
Is your dog crate trained?
Is the dog clean and well groomed?
Does the dog allow petting, including having its' head, ears, feet, and tail touched?
Is the dog under control with people around and able to walk on a loose leash without pulling?
Is the dog able to maintain compsure with a stranger approaches in an erractic manner?
DOG BEHAVIOR (within the past 6 weeks) check all that apply and give details in section below:
Is mouthing, biting, dodging, or aggression apparent?
Does the dog show signs of fear, sound sensitivity, or shyness?
AREAS OF INTEREST: Programs are outlined on the Services tab. What results level and program type are you interested in?

Are You Ready To Get Back Fulfillmentand Independence in Your Life?

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