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Service dog training

Ready To Get Back Fulfillment and Independence in Your Life?

Thanks to you for taking an interest in helping your dog become the best!  To help you best please tell us more about the dog's household or if you need help selecting a dog, so we can get back to you with detailed information during your Initial Screening.

When you submit your information you will be automatically redirected to our scheduling calendar that will allow you to select a appointment time over the phone that is most convenient for you.  Get Started below!

IMPORTANT: Only schedule an appointment if you are willing to follow proven instructions and put in the necessary time.  Because we have limited space, we only enroll those willing to spend the time and do the work necessary to have longevity and success.

Self Dog Assessment

What is your living situaton?
Does the dog(s) attend daycare or boarding at a facility?
Reproducton Status?
Dog #2 Reproduction status?
Dog #3 Reproductive status?
Dog #4 Reproductive status?
Dog #5 Reproductive status?
Dog #6 Reproductive Status?
How did you select your particular puppy?
Have you done any professonal training with this dog?
What can your dog do reliably 90% of the time, the first time you ask?
What training tools have you used with your dog?
DOG BEHAVIOR (within the past 6 weeks) check all that apply and give details in section below:
What have you tried, to correct the behavior?
AREAS OF INTEREST: Programs are outlined on the Services tab. What results level and program type are you interested in?
What do you value most when selecting the RIGHT Trainer? Choose up to three

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Mailing Address:  1654 Calle Tulipan Ste 100, San Juan, PR 00792

Are You Ready To Get Back Fulfillmentand Independence in Your Life?

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