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Reactivity Support
For Shelters and Rescues

We deeply appreciate the dedication you show every day in improving the lives of dogs, especially those struggling with reactivity.  We understand the challenges of caring for dogs dealing with reactivity and the many questions that may arise.  Our team is here to provide support.

We Are Here To Help

We acknowledge the unique needs and capabilities of each shelter and rescue organization of each shelter and rescue organization.  That's why we offer a range of tailored solutions, from free downloadable resources to personalized workshops.  Even small, cost-effective changes can have a significant impact, and we are here to guide you through them.   Additionally we can assist in implementing broader strategies to enhance the well-being and adoptability of the dogs in your care.

From intake through adoption, there are many small things shelters and rescues can do to improve the welfare of dogs suffering  stress when in their care.  

Needing to care for a dog that has been abandoned, left behind, abused, neglected can raise questions of and feelings of uncertainty.   There are many low-to-cost things you can do to make a big difference --We are here to help


service dog puerto rico

You Are Not Alone!
Calm The Shelter/Rescue Services

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