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Practical  Solutions

Get effective training that has been proven to provide results with canine reactivity all over the world.  We teach techniques that provide results and we teach you so that you will always know how to control your dog.

Every Dog Deserves

A Chance To Thrive

Your dog deserves the best, and so do you. At Canine Assistance Puerto Rico, we offer a variety of training sessions that can help reduce your dog's hectic or nervous energy. Don't let your furry friend's behavior limit the experiences you can have together. We not only improve your dog's behavior but strengthen your bond by providing the proper treatment needed to bring about positive change.

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How The Program Works

  • Fill out the self dog assessment, submit electronically then you'll be automatically redirected to our calendar

  • Client schedules a 45 minute call to discuss your case and make sure we're  the right fit for your needs.

  • You work with Certified Behavior Consultants and create a customized road map to relief.

  • Your trainer will guide you through the process supporting you as you learn how to change the way your dog feels about new environmental challenges

Why Work With Us?

  • Experts in Behavior training.

  • Hundreds of cases resolved.

  • Plans customized to you.

  • Unparalleled support.

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Real Stories That'll Make Your Tail Wag!

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"...We are really really glad and really grateful with what we received especially the skills that we received during the process.  In our case we needed the skills because we have a flight and for us we believed it was a short time for my dog to be trained because we had like 5 weeks to train our dog to be able to behave in a plane and in an airiport and at the beginning we did not know if we had enought time to do that.
 Basically we received all the not only the training but the skills and the information to understand the process.   I think that the training was not for the dog, the training really was for us. So we are the ones who are trained to understand our dog.  To know what the dog wants and also to help the dog to manage their emotion, and that was very very helpful. 
After we finished the four classes we feel that we better understand our dog.  We feel that we can understand what she is feeling actually what she wants to communicate with us and we feel a lot more prepared.  For us it has been a blessing to work with T.  Her attitude is unique, she has the patience and the attitude and she is always smiling and always explain, 1, 2, 3, 4 times until we get it.  So she has the skills also, I am talking about T, the skills to let us understand the process.  For us we can recommend for anybody who needs some tools in order to understand better their dog. 
We had a training before when we bought Mia, when she was like 3/4 months and we had a trainer and basically that training was based on punishment actually and based on fear and this is totally different. 
This is based on relaxation, understanding the dog, and the dog understanding what we want to say, so it is a total new experience for us even though we have a great relationship with Mia, and Mia is a very very lovely dog and we have no problem at all with her.  We just want to be sure that she is prepared for the trip that we have ahead and now we are very confident that we will have a great trip.  That she will behave and we will help her to behave correctly and I am sure this is the first one of several times that we will travel with her.  Thank you T for your time and Thank you T for your patience, Thank you for being so responsible and even punctual.  You came to every one of our appointments right on the point so Thank you for your professionalism and we recommend Canine Assistance to everyone."

~ Samuel & Rose Mary 

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Mailing Address:  1654 Calle Tulipan Ste 100, San Juan, PR 00792

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