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Having submitted your self dog assessment and booked an appointment with Canine Assistance Puerto Rico (CAPR) through Acuity Scheduler app and settled the balance you will receive an email with a digital pack of materials that will require reading and completing, which may involve uploading videos and photos. Some content will need review 24 hours before your appointment to allow review in preparation for the session.

When attending an 1.5 hour in person session, please be ready having your dog on leash with someone holding it or in the crate upon our arrival. If attending a 2 hour session via teleguidance, please be ready and on time. Ensure you have good internet connection, there are no distractions, minimal back ground noise, and proper lighting for the video call.


Have questions and concerns ready to discuss because time can pass quickly.  Within your digital pack are many resources that you will be instructed on how to use which you will continue to use after the session.

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