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NEW Service Dog Owner Training Course starting starting Jan 2024

Don't wait until the last minute.  The last class of the year graduated November 11, 2023. Now enrolling for 2024 Details Below.  Space is Limited*   Click below 'Schedule Appointment' for Free Evaluation.

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Empowering individuals to train life changing Service Dogs

We Specialize in Owner Training to Resolve Unwanted Behaviors.  

Group training located in San Juan, Fajardo, Rio Grande, & Humacao 

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A Service Dog Is Not...


  • A pet or emotional support animal although these type of dogs provide comfort and support in different ways, they don't poses the skills to assist individuals with disabilities.  

  • A dog that tries to protect you from people or exhibits aggressive behavior.

  • Every dog that walks around with a leash or vest on that shows the words 'Service Dog'.

  • A dog  that 'must' or 'has' to meet other people or dogs in passing.

  • A dog that can't be left home alone.

  • A dog that only knows obedience, despite what trainers may tell you.

  • A dog that needs a doctor's letter to accompany where you go only ESA's need a doctor's letter.


Because any dog needs to learn skills before they work...


Handlers have rights to train a dog to help them feel safe and doing activities that the individual enjoys, and these individuals need strategies to manage and reduce symptoms they are experiencing when they are in public and not every dog is willing to help their human this way.

We help make the process easier so they can do it themselves!

Our proven program consist of three defined steps

Canine Assistance Puerto Rico is a comprehensive coaching program that provides you with education and support.  You will develop the skills to be able to take your dog on peaceful walks, and be able to invite friends over without the dogs having over excitement or annoying barking.

Masters or Paradise Life Program

In-person/Virtual: 6 wks-12 mos

Private lessons done from the comfort of your own home

in-person / virtually & includes group lessons.

You will learn the following:

  • Change unwanted behavior into optimistic behavior 

  • Clear communication based on how dogs learn best

  • Discover an effective use of a balanced approach to training placing great importance on positive rewards, ensuring a reliable, happy, and confident dog

  • Learn how to use food to rid allergies, etc.

  • Perfect for any dog at any stage

1 hr 30 min | sessions

For Puppies to Adult dogs

Service Dog Owner Training Program 

In-person: 6 weeks Intensive

To begin dogs with the right temperament quality as service dog candidates.  


Dogs must complete Stage 1 training and are re-assessed every 6-8 weeks of training.

  • We train you to train your own dog

  • Training process is without food, pinch collars, halty collars, nor shock collars

  • Dogs learn to serve as a secure base from which handlers can confidently pursue activities by mitigating psychiatric symptoms.

  • Workshop open 5x a year and meet Saturday

  • Handler's attendance is mandatory. No exceptions

1 hr | sessions 

Prerequisite Stage 1 Behavior 1.0

Calm Embrace

Virtual: 4 weeks Higher learning

Virtual private lessons via Google Meet in the comfort of your home.  Keeping Service Dogs' or pets' mindset positively leveled up without food.

You will learn the following:

  • How to use touch to resolve hyperactivity, fear, separation anxiety, and destructive behaviors

  • Off-leash skills

  • Learn to read dog food labels to enable you to buy the healthiest food for longevity and healthy gut biome.

  • Boarding when you need

45 min | sessions 

Prerequisite Stage 1 Behavior 1.0

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An Alternative Treatment for Resilience

PTSD affects an estimated 13 million people in the United States of America.  There are roughly 500,000 trained service dogs in America, helping people live better quality lives. We specialize in training handlers to learn to guide their dog into becoming a much more relaxed, emotionally stable, and skillful companion's that support and enhance their independence and well-being not just perform tricks.  We train in practical ways.

Training helps a dog build resilience with environmental stressors.  We start with six (6) things to reward and train in free behavior.  This goes far beyond basic obedience and is highly valued for getting any dog to behave as well as a service animal.  


Yes, your pup is ready for these advance skills at any age or any stage of life.

Here's what we know...

It's true that not all dogs are cut out to be a service animal.  Even so, any dog and their owner can learn a newfound optimism and connect in a meaningful way. 


...Imagine your life with your dog becoming simpler and having a mutual understanding of each other's needs so that life becomes less stressful and happier together.  Therefore we do our best  to create tools and a learning environment that is learner-friendly and keeps candidates moving forward.

We provide realistic and practical training for dogs.  We support Puerto Rico pet rescues efforts and select good candidate dogs for training. Rescuing the lives of both the individual and their canine.


Our primary focus is to expand your relationship with your dog.  We also make life fulfilling again for those individuals having PTSD, constant fear, irritability, anger, special needs children, or other psychiatric symptoms. Many trauma related conditions come with economic burdens therefore our nonprofit organization Canine Assistance Foundation can help. 

The Process

It all begins with a no obligation free consultation. 

New Service dog training


What's an Initial Screening?

It's where we set aside time to speak with you by phone and discover your needs for a dog, how a Service Dog could help you in your daily life, and where your dog fits into the training process. We can  help you find the perfect canine candidate if you don't already have a dog yet. Calls last between 30 -45 minutes


How do I schedule ?

Open the link below.  The assessment category and the free Initial Screening will already be selected for you.  Choose a convenient day and time then choose "Select and continue". Next a "Self Dog Assessment" of where you are at will appear then Select "Complete Appointment." Check your inbox for the confirmation email with instructions for your appt. A CAPR team member will connect with you by phone.


What's next after my screening?

You will receive our Get Ready training guide. Decide with your family or loved ones  and choose your preferred training program and add to your cart using the 'Book It' tab on select pages or page 10 as explained during your call.

  • Read & Submit Consent forms. 

  • Submit Service Dog Application if you are a service dog applicant.  

Follow the emailed instructions to prepare for Private lesson


What Owners Say

(Scroll over image to read testimonials)

Saludos, I'm T., founder of Canine Assistance Puerto Rico and I have experienced first hand the benefits of having a trained service dog. Before that I suffered for years from mental challenges due to my brain being in constant fight or flight mode.  

Canine Assistance Foundation, is our 501(c)(3) organization to help others in similar situations suffering PTSD symptoms live better lives. Here, you will find support, resources, and information on how to help yourself or a loved one with mental conditions.  Trainings are located in San Juan, Humacao, & Fajardo

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Working Hours

We come to your residents to start training in your living room. Please be sure to input an address, we can Waze to or Whatsapp your pin. For BootCamps we limit the times for pick up and drop offs. Currently we are open for pickup/drop-off Sunday or Monday from 9am-11am.  We are around all day, however, we are busy either caring for the dogs, providing extra services, or training.


Existing customers may arrange for a speedy drop-off Mon-Fri between 9am-4pm. Please do not just drop by – if we are with another client, we will not be able to break away for you.

Sunday – Thursday:  10AM – 6PM

Friday:  By appointment only

Saturday:  By appointment only

We are CLOSED on the following holidays for 2022:

  • Memorial Day Weekend: May 28th – May 30th

  • Independence Day: July 4th

  • Labor Day Weekend: Sept 3rd – Sept 5th

  • Thanksgiving Weekend: Nov 24th – Nov 27th

  • Christmas Eve: Dec 24

  • Christmas Day: Dec 25


Virtual Serving area:

Island wide

In-Home Serving areas:

San Juan, Carolina, Dorado, Vega Baja, Guaynabo, Caguas, Bayamon,  Rio Piedras, Juncos, Rio Grande, Luquillo, Fajardo, Humacao, Yabucoa,  

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Mailing Address:  1654 Calle Tulipan Ste 100, San Juan, PR 00792

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