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Canine Assistance Puerto Rico

Serving San Juan, Bayamon, Caguas, Dorado, Humacao,  Rio Grande & Surrounding Areas

Call or text: 939-200-2150


service dog training puerto rico

Want a harmonious  relationship with your dog?

It all starts with your new understanding of how dogs communicate and how they interpret the world around them.  For example:   

  • When my dog stares at me, does it mean the dog is madly in love with me or is the dog trying to intimidate me to get whatever it wants? 


  • When my dog is wagging it's tail does it mean the dog is overjoyed and super happy  or is my dog relieving stressful energy?

  • Does my dog really want to come with me when I leave the house  or is my dog more terrified to be home alone?

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Our Impact

Get Back to Basics

We now know dogs experience social pain.

The most current research proves that dogs have emotions just like us and they experience life in similar ways. The biggest disconnect is communication not obedience.  Have you ever been frustrated being locked outside of  your car;  been excluded from social relationships; been rejected; involuntarily separated from family/friends; or even experienced sorrow/grief associated with the death of family/friend?   Our dogs experience these emotions too.

Where to Start?

Get your dog back to emotional wellness

The foundation is communication.  Canine Assistance Puerto Rico uses practical training to help you  communicate better with your dog(s). We train people to understand and create positive emotions with their dogs to improve  mental wellness and longevity in any canine.

Keep Your Dog Safe

Care for your dog the way you care for yourself

Is the fear of your dog darting out of your control and getting lost or injured keeping you up at night? Build the relationship to ensure your dog always comes when called.

Join Countless Happy Families

You're Not Alone in This Journey!

You're not alone in facing these challenges.  Many Families have tried training before and still struggle.  But fear not, we have helped countless families overcome these same problems.  

Experience the Joy of Having a Dog

The world opens up to a well mannered & well behaved dog

We are here to help you take care of unwanted behavioral issues so you can truly enjoy having a dog or even train a service dog.  Say goodbye to letting your dog do things that get you mad.  Learn skills to embrace a harmonious life with your furry companion. Like learning to ride a bike, you never forget.

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The Life Changing Power of Resilience

PTSD affects an estimated 13 million people in the United States of America.  There are roughly 500,000 trained service dogs in America, helping people live better quality lives. We specialize in training handlers to learn to guide their dog into becoming a much more relaxed, emotionally stable, and skillful companion's that support and enhance their independence and well-being not just perform tricks. 


Say goodbye to stress and chaos as your dog learns to listen, even in distracting situations.

Here's what we know...

It's true that not all dogs are cut out to be a service animal.  

Even so, any dog and their owner can learn this newfound optimism and connect in a meaningful way.


We use ethical training and positive rewards to help a dog build resilience with environmental stressors...Imagine your life with your dog becoming simpler and having a mutual understanding of each other's needs so that life becomes less stressful and happier together.  

  • Open your door without restraint, as your dog stays calm and well behaved.  

  • No more ignored commands or chasing after lizards - your dog will happily come back to you every-time you call.  Even in the face of temptation your dog will still listen, without any need for yelling.

Don' believe it's possible?   Many families have been amazed by the immediate results they've seen increasing their dogs relaxation and understanding canine body language.  Join them and discover a whole new world with your furry friend.

The Process

It all begins with a no obligation free consultation. 

Service dog owner training, puerto rico


What's an Initial Screening?

It's where we set aside time to speak with you by phone to discover:

  • your needs for your furry friend,

  • how a Service Dog could help you in your daily life

  •  How to train a suitable service dog candidate.


Calls last between 45 - 60 minutes


Why do I have to complete a self dog assessment?

The best way for us to get to know your dog is from you the owner!  The details you give us in your assessment of your dog help us get to know you and your dog(s) without the hassle of traveling across town.  Your dog remains stress free and everyone is on time!  If you are  not sure what program is best for you or your dog, the assessment will give us a good idea of what to recommend, or what additional information we may need to help you make the best decision for your family. 


How do I schedule?

Select the  Contact tab and complete the self dog assessment directly from our website and submit it electronically. Upon submission you will be automatically directed to our calendar that will allow you to choose a convenient day and time for you to have your dog evaluated by phone, then select "Complete Appointment."

  • Check your inbox for the confirmation email with instructions for your appt. and follow the emaliled instructions to prepare for your Free Evaluation

On the day of your appointment a CAPR team member will connect with you by phone.

Real Stories That'll Make Your Tail Wag!

Dog trainer near me
"...We are really really glad and really grateful with what we received especially the skills that we received during the process.  In our case we needed the skills because we have a flight and for us we believed it was a short time for my dog to be trained because we had like 5 weeks to train our dog to be able to behave in a plane and in an airiport and at the beginning we did not know if we had enought time to do that.
 Basically we received all the not only the training but the skills and the information to understand the process.   I think that the training was not for the dog, the training really was for us. So we are the ones who are trained to understand our dog.  To know what the dog wants and also to help the dog to manage their emotion, and that was very very helpful. 
After we finished the four classes we feel that we better understand our dog.  We feel that we can understand what she is feeling actually what she wants to communicate with us and we feel a lot more prepared.  For us it has been a blessing to work with T.  Her attitude is unique, she has the patience and the attitude and she is always smiling and always explain, 1, 2, 3, 4 times until we get it.  So she has the skills also, I am talking about T, the skills to let us understand the process.  For us we can recommend for anybody who needs some tools in order to understand better their dog. 
We had a training before when we bought Mia, when she was like 3/4 months and we had a trainer and basically that training was based on punishment actually and based on fear and this is totally different. 
This is based on relaxation, understanding the dog, and the dog understanding what we want to say, so it is a total new experience for us even though we have a great relationship with Mia, and Mia is a very very lovely dog and we have no problem at all with her.  We just want to be sure that she is prepared for the trip that we have ahead and now we are very confident that we will have a great trip.  That she will behave and we will help her to behave correctly and I am sure this is the first one of several times that we will travel with her.  Thank you T for your time and Thank you T for your patience, Thank you for being so responsible and even punctual.  You came to every one of our appointments right on the point so Thank you for your professionalism and we recommend Canine Assistance to everyone."

~ Samuel & Rose Mary 

Saludos, training a dog I already had eased my struggle with Post Traumatic Stress symptoms. In the process I gained a much better relationship with my dog that allowed for an impeccable bond, resilience, mental wellness, and a more joyful life that anyone may find valuable.  Our programs offer a work life balance so that your dog can preform task reliably and stay healthy or just be a well behaved pet. 

Canine Assistance Foundation, is our 501(c)(3) organization serving others suffering Post Traumatic Stress to gain resilience and have a better quality of life. Here, you will find support, resources, and information on how to help yourself or a loved one with mental conditions.  Trainings are located in Bayamón, Hato Rey, San Juan, Carolina, Gurabo, &
Rio Grande.

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Working Hours

We come to you to start training where it is convenient. Please be sure to input an address, we can Waze to or Whatsapp your pin. For BootCamps we limit the times for pick up and drop offs. Currently we are open for pickup/drop-off Sunday or Monday from 9am-11am.  We are around all day, however, we are busy either caring for the dogs, providing extra services, or training.


Existing customers may arrange for a speedy drop-off Mon-Fri between 9am-4pm. Please do not just drop by – if we are with another client, we will not be able to break away for you.

Sunday – Thursday:  10AM – 6PM

Friday:  By appointment only

Saturday:  By appointment only

We are CLOSED on the following holidays for 2024:

  • Memorial Day Weekend: May 25th – May 27th

  • Independence Day: July 4th

  • Labor Day Weekend: Aug 31st – Sept 2nd

  • Thanksgiving Weekend: Nov 28th – Nov 29th

  • Christmas Eve: Dec 24

  • Christmas Day: Dec 25


Virtual Serving area:

Island wide or US

In-Home Serving areas:

For In-home Service Area Map Click Here

Are You Ready To Get Back Fulfillmentand Independence in Your Life?

Animales de Asistencia Puerto Rico
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